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At the left: a framed cape with the words "Human Rights Defender, Abortion Provider" hangs on a wall. At the right: a woman wearing a mask holds a button that reads: "Ask Me How to Protect Abortion Rights"
Alice Miranda Ollstein
Michigan officials and abortion rights activists have mobilized around a tier of strategies: in the courts, on the campaign trail and at the ballot box this November.
Incarcerated people are some of the sickest people in our country. Many have chronic conditions such as diabetes or lung disease. And they’re far more likely to suffer from mental illness and addiction. On Season 2 of Sick, listen to stories of what goes wrong in corrections facilities — places meant to keep people healthy, but built to punish them.
The COVID pandemic has exposed deep flaws in the way America handles children’s mental health. More and more children are facing anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. But there’s a shortage of providers and services — and no quick way to increase them. As a result, many children and families are scrambling for help.
The new coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19, have changed our lives in countless ways. Side Effects will explain the important medical issues, as well as their impact on the Midwest.
Side Effects examines the health care challenges that refugees and immigrants face in the U.S.
Front-line workers on the COVID-19 crisis
Stories examining the effect of COVID-19 on rural health care.
Stories highlighting what climate change means for Great Lakes cities.